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    Carpet and Flooring Serving New Jersey, Staten Island, and Eastern Pennsylvania

    SMART Carpet and Flooring has changed the way customers purchase flooring. With our shop-at-home method, customers can view thousands of flooring samples from the convenience of their homes to see just how new carpet or flooring will look in their space.

    Since our founding in 1995, SMART Carpet and Flooring has broadened its reach to become a regional flooring provider. Our service areas have expanded to residents in New Jersey, Staten Island, and eastern Pennsylvania. Discover more about our professional flooring offerings and the communities we serve.

    Our Premium Flooring Products and Services

    At SMART Carpet and Flooring, we provide our customers with outstanding products from top brands, all conveniently in one place — our mobile showroom that comes right to their homes. Our professional flooring products and services encompass every aspect of the shopping experience. Customers can expect the following premium offerings:

    High-Quality Flooring Options

    To meet the unique needs of our customers, SMART Carpet and Flooring provides a wide range of flooring options. Our inventory includes:


    Many customers prefer carpet over other flooring types because of its useful befits. Carpet works great for
    minimizing noise and reducing scratches. Our inventory consists of a variety of carpet types, such as: Texture, Twist,
    Loop, Pattern, Outdoor carpeting, and Hardwood


    Few flooring options can leave an impression like hardwood. It’s extremely durable and provides a beautiful
    finish to any room. The types of hardwood flooring we offer to our clients in our services areas include:
    Traditional, Engineered, Bamboo and Vinyl


    High-traffic areas of the home are better served with vinyl flooring. With its long-lasting capabilities, beauty, and
    durability, vinyl flooring can withstand the natural wear and tear of these areas in the home. Our inventory of vinyl
    flooring consists of several different varieties, including: Sheet vinyl, Luxury vinyl Hybrid vinyl


    Tile flooring elevates a space, making it a great option for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes. Additionally, customers prefer tile because of how simple it is to maintain compared to other types of flooring. With little upkeep, you can continue to prove your home with an upgraded look and feel.


    Laminate successfully mimics the look of other flooring options at a fraction of the cost. This cost-effective alternative is stain, scratch, and fade-resistant, making it an all-around durable flooring option. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers customers in its service areas both stone and wood laminate flooring.

    To ensure we provide our customers with long-lasting flooring, all the products in our inventory are manufactured by top brands who have established themselves as trusted names in the industry.

    Installation Services

    Proper flooring installation requires specialized equipment and expert knowledge. SMART Carpet and Flooring possesses both. Our highly trained installation specialists work diligently to install your new flooring and make it look great.

    SMART Carpet and Flooring’s Areas of Service

    SMART Carpet and Flooring is pleased to extend its professional products and services to residents throughout the following areas:

    The SMART Carpet and Flooring Difference

    There’s a reason so many clients throughout the Northeast have turned to SMART Carpet and Flooring for their flooring needs. Our premium products and services coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction have lifted us above the competition.

    Additionally, customers continuously choose SMART Carpet and Flooring because of our competitive pricing. Our unique business model allows us to save money on the typical expenses of operating a store. Because of this, customers will never need to pay store prices again. Instead, they can save up to 50 percent.

    Other key benefits SMART Carpet and Flooring offers include:

    Mobile Showroom

    The days of browsing flooring samples at a store and wondering whether they will complement your space are over. Our mobile showroom is the ideal solution. It brings thousands of choices to you, covering the various categories you’d typically have access to in a showroom.

    With this unique offering, customers will receive a personalized experience. Our team of flooring specialists works closely with customers as they browse through available options, providing guidance in selecting the perfect flooring for their space. Our mobile showroom will meet you at your location at a time that’s convenient for you.

    Our Free Guarantee

    To further enhance the customer experience, SMART Carpet and Flooring offers complementary services with each purchase of flooring:

    • Free premium padding: Every carpet we install comes with SMART Foam Premium Padding made with ULTRA FRESH Antimicrobial treatment. All padding is recommended by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America.
    • Free furniture moving: We eliminate the hassle of moving furniture before flooring installation by handling it for you. Our team will safely relocate standard-sized furniture at no additional charge to you.
    • Free standard stair work: It’s common for flooring providers to charge customers as much as an additional $15 per step for standard box steps. SMART Carpet and Flooring doesn’t believe in this and offers free standard stair work.
    • Free measuring layout: For accurate floor planning, SMART Carpet and Flooring technicians provide measuring service at no additional charge.


    Discover More About SMART Carpet and Flooring

    Homeowners seeking professional flooring products and services should turn to the dedicated team at SMART Carpet and Flooring. We proudly extend our premium offerings to clients across New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, and eastern Pennsylvania. SMART Carpet and Flooring takes great pride as a premier choice for homeowners looking for the highest quality products and exceptional service. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an at-home shopping experience.

    Why Choose Smart Carpet and Flooring

    Top Brands

    Smart Carpet and Flooring believes when evaluating the different kitchen floor types for your home, it is important to factor in personal style, frequency of foot traffic, and functionality.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Known for its outstanding customer service, SMART Carpet and Flooring has installed more than one hundred million square feet of flooring and counts over 250,000 satisfied customers in the Northeast.

    Prices You Can't Beat

    Because SMART Carpet and Flooring is a "Mill-Direct” buying service and not a store, SMART Carpet and Flooring customers can save up to 50% off typical store prices.

    Shop at Home Model

    SMART Carpet and Flooring is a convenient shop-at-home service. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers a complete line of name brand flooring products for carpet, wood, vinyl, laminate & tile.


    Awards and Accreditations


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