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    Pet-Friendly Flooring in New Jersey, Staten Island, & Eastern Pennsylvania

    Pets are our fluffiest family members, and pet owners want their pets to be comfortable in their space. However, pet owners also struggle to keep flooring surfaces clean. Accidents happen, and pets make messes, meaning pet owners must have the right flooring to make cleaning easy and less stressful. Customers across New Jersey, Staten Island, and eastern Pennsylvania can find abundant pet-friendly flooring at SMART Carpet and Flooring.

    Types of Hard Surface Flooring Built for Pets

    Wood flooring can provide a classic, sophisticated look to any space. It’s also an ideal option for people with pets. Hard surface flooring is easier to clean if pets (or small children) have accidents. It also requires minimal maintenance and resists most odors and stains. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers the following hard surface flooring types:

    Luxury Vinyl

    Vinyl flooring offers the same realistic wooden appearance as hardwood but without the risk of scratches and damage. Vinyl provides a durable surface that is scratch-resistant and waterproof. This delivers peace of mind that your floors will be safe from more extensive damage when accidents occur. SMART Carpet and Flooring installs vinyl flooring in a variety of finishes, including high-variation, exotic, distressed, and weathered. We also have vinyl tile flooring options.


    Laminate flooring is like vinyl flooring in that it resists scratches and water, is easy to clean, and comes in a realistic wooden design. However, laminate can be a more cost-efficient option for families looking for pet-friendly floors on a budget. Customers can also select from many laminate tile options, perfect for bathrooms and other spaces. Like vinyl flooring, laminate flooring enables customers to choose from high-variation, exotic, distressed, and weathered finishes.

    Engineered Hardwood

    Engineered hardwood floors are ideal for those struggling to choose between luxury and pet-friendly flooring. Engineered hardwood provides the same appearance as real hardwood floors but is built with a plywood core, delivering enhanced durability.

    All types of hard surfaces offer the same benefits, so the type you choose depends on your preferences and style.

    Pet-Friendly Carpet Options

    Carpets offer many benefits within a home. They add a cozy touch to bedrooms and living room spaces and can work to preserve heat throughout your home. However, families with pets and children understand the struggles of keeping carpet surfaces clean. SMART Carpet and Flooring has a variety of carpet options for pet owners.

    We offer a large selection of carpets made by well-known brands, including Shaw, Mohawk, Anderson, and Tuftex. Our carpet options are built with durability and cleanliness in mind. The stain-resistant capabilities make it easy to clean accidents or spills without damaging carpets or leaving marks or lingering odors. Its durability ensures the carpet doesn’t wear through scratching or playtime. Additionally, customers can easily clean carpets to remove contaminants like dirt, dander, and pet hair.

    Which Pet-Resistant Flooring Should I Choose?

    Choosing between carpet and hard surface flooring depends entirely on your lifestyle and preferences. For example, carpet might be better for areas that experience a lot of traffic, like living rooms, bedrooms, or dining rooms. If hard surface flooring is in these areas, it may experience scratches and damage. Carpets are versatile, cost-effective, and provide traction and comfort for pets and kids.

    Hard surfaces can be great for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, or laundry rooms. This is because they are more resistant to water and stains than carpeted surfaces. Hard surfaces also add an aesthetic appeal and value to a home.

    Carpet or Hard surface?


    • Additional traction for pets
    • Soft and warm underfoot
    • Noise reduction
    • Available in patterns and multi-tones
    • Great Value
    • Cost-effective
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Versatile

    Common Spaces/High Traffic Areas

    • Living Rooms
    • Bedrooms
    • Basement
    • Dining Rooms

    Hard Surface

    • Water poof options available 
    • Available in different widths, styles and colors
    • Very popular
    • Adds value to your home
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Stain resistant
    • Available in exotic, distressed, weathered, high-variation and many more

    Common Spaces/High Traffic Areas

    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Hallways
    • Laundry Rooms

    Our Pet-Friendly Flooring Installation Services

    Carpet installation requires unique insight to maintain longevity, durability, and a high-quality appearance. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers pet-friendly flooring installation services for both hard surfaces and carpets. We provide transparent upfront pricing, meaning homeowners know what to expect from our installation services. Customers can also access financing options, as well as our lifetime installation warranty.

    We make it easy to spruce up your home with flooring by offering our mobile showroom. This means we bring thousands of carpet samples directly to your home. This lets customers visualize exactly how their new flooring will look in their existing space, offering added peace of mind that the results will live up to your expectations. Shop at home and save!

    Rely On the Professionals at SMART Carpet and Flooring

    Customers across New Jersey, Staten Island, and eastern Pennsylvania can find professional carpet installation services from a locally owned company, SMART Carpet and Flooring. We offer our free guarantee, where customers receive free premium padding, furniture moving, standard stair work, and measuring and layout services. We ensure your carpets look great and hold up for years to come. To learn more about our pet-friendly flooring, call 1-800-526-7847 or contact us today. When it’s all done, you’ll say, “Wow, that was easy!”

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