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    Hybrid Vinyl Flooring in New Jersey, Staten Island, and Eastern Pennsylvania

    When selecting the right floors for your home, you must consider practicality and durability. While real hardwood floors offer a sense of luxury and appeal, they may not hold up as long as you want them to. Hardwood can become damaged and warped without proper care. This is where hybrid vinyl flooring comes in.

    Hybrid vinyl flooring is an ideal alternative to hardwoods and tile surfaces. It provides enhanced durability with the same stunning appearance as traditional hardwoods and tile floors. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers many options for hybrid vinyl flooring in our service areas in New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, and eastern Pennsylvania. And you can shop at home, because our mobile showroom will bring thousands of samples right to your home!

    Types of Hybrid Vinyl Flooring

    Hybrid vinyl flooring is a blend of traditional vinyl and laminate flooring materials. It offers the same look as natural stone or hardwood without the cost or maintenance. Traditional hardwoods may rot and wither when they absorb water. Hybrid flooring provides a lasting, more cost-effective alternative.

    Hybrid vinyl flooring is made with a durable inner core and quality outer layer materials. The inner core provides a reliable, waterproof flooring design, while the outer vinyl layer gives the appearance of natural hardwood or stone. It also features a UV coating on the top layer to protect floors from further damage. Hybrid vinyl flooring comes with a high-quality, durable design that imitates the look of classic hardwood using printing and engraving techniques.

    SMART Carpet and Flooring offers the following hybrid vinyl flooring types:

    Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

    WPC flooring offers the same look as hardwoods. However, homeowners don’t have to worry about damaging or ruining these floors. WPC flooring is made with PVC and recycled wood materials.

    Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)

    SPC floors are made with a mix of limestone and PVC to deliver durability and longevity. This type of flooring offers a similar appearance to stone, making it great for bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces. SPC flooring is also easy to clean.

    Infused Polymer Core (IPC)

    IPC floorboards feature specialized technology to protect from silica. Silica is an airborne contaminant that can lead to illness. IPC flooring offers enhanced safety for families.

    Engineered Plastic Core (EPC)

    EPC flooring is a great alternative to SPC flooring, providing added durability and a lighter construction. Instead of using limestone materials, EPC floors are made with engineered plastic to deliver cost-effective, long-lasting flooring.

    SMART Carpet and Flooring’s selection of hybrid vinyl flooring looks great in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This type of flooring comes in planks or tiles and uses modular connectors for easy installation.

    Customers can choose from realistic wood or tile designs and colors. They also have flexibility in the colors, patterns, and directions of tile and hardwood they select. Homeowners can add unique visual characteristics, like borders or medallions. Our hybrid vinyl flooring options come in many finishes, such as exotic, distressed, weathered, and high-variation.


    Our hybrid vinyl flooring comes with many advantages to be aware of, it can make a huge difference.
    • Cost-effective
    • Water-resistant
    • Available in waterproof
    • Available in exotic, distressed, weathered, high-variation and many more

    Recommended Uses

    Based on experience, we recommend hybrid vinyl flooring on the following areas of your home.
    • Kitchen Floor
    • Living Room Floor
    • Basement Floor
    • Dining Room Floor
    • Hallway Floor
    • Foyer Flooring
    • Bedroom Carpet
    • Spare Room Flooring
    • Den Flooring
    • Laundry Room Flooring
    • Bathroom Floor

    Our High-Quality Flooring Brands

    Flooring is an essential aspect of your home. To experience a high return on investment, you want to choose flooring brands known for their quality and durability. Such a choice will make it easy to maintain great-looking floors for years. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers hybrid vinyl flooring options from many well-known brands, including Mannington, Mohawk, Armstrong, and COREtec.


    Awards and Accreditations at SMART Carpet and Flooring

    SMART Carpet and Flooring aims to meet each customer’s needs, allowing us to provide personalized services. We offer transparent, upfront pricing, as well as price matching, to give homeowners an accurate evaluation of their project costs. Customers can also access free estimates and professional installation services. Our dedication and commitment to customers have earned us many awards from Google Business, HomeAdvisor, and others.

    Awards and Accreditations

    Browse Quality Flooring Options at SMART Carpet and Flooring

    SMART Carpet and Flooring is a locally owned company serving homeowners across New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, and eastern PA. Customers can conveniently shop at home for new floors, including carpets, vinyl planks, and wood flooring. Our mobile showroom brings thousands of flooring samples directly to your home. This gives homeowners a better idea of what their new flooring will look like in their space. Our mobile showrooms are available during the evenings and on weekends for customers to shop at their convenience. We also offer professional installation services to ensure flooring projects run smoothly and efficiently. Never pay store prices again! To learn more about our hybrid vinyl flooring options, contact us today.


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