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    Elegant Hardwood Flooring & Expert Installation in NJ, NY & PA

    Looking for a sustainable product that will give you a beautifully, eye-catching result? Hardwood may be right for you.

    We provide our customers with all the product and installation flooring options available during the initial consultation. We also make sure that the desired location for installation is the right location for the hardwood. We will perform a moisture test to ensure that the flooring product you choose will be fully backed by the manufacturers warranty after installation. Some of the brands we carry in hardwood flooring include Bruce, Mohawk, Shaw, Intellawood, Mirage, Ferma, and Mannington. Each company brings its own set of strengths to the mix. Some focus on domestic woods while others carry a full range of exotics. With the options that our SMART Carpet and flooring representatives can bring to your home, you will find your ideal floor and get it installed quickly. 

    Let a SMART Carpet and Flooring representative help you choose the hardwood flooring you need in your home or office. Give us a call today in NJ, NY or PA for Hardwood.

    Types of Hardwood Flooring for Your Home.

    Hardwood floors make a lovely impression. This traditional flooring offers warmth, elegance and personal style. Solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, and bamboo hardwood flooring are three of the most popular types of hardwood floors. A solid hardwood floor has great durability and can last decades if cared for properly. These types of hardwood floors can be refinished several times to ensure longevity. An engineered hardwood floor is less affected by heat and humidity than solid hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring installation is a much easier process than with most types of hardwood floors. A bamboo hardwood floor is the cheaper, easier to maintain, and eco-friendliest option when choosing hardwood flooring.

    Choose From Multiple Types of Hardwood Floors From the Privacy of Your Home.

    If you are planning to redo your dining room, basement, living room, or common area, Smart Carpet and Flooring can help you with your hardwood flooring installation. We take our product to you to guarantee that you are satisfied with your choice of hardwood flooring, and we also proudly serve New Jersey, Staten Island and Eastern Pennsylvania. You can shop for solid, engineered, and bamboo hardwood flooring in the comfort of your own home. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate so that we can get started on your hardwood flooring installation. Call 1-866-359-2410 to get started on your
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    Our hardwood flooring comes with many advantages to be aware of, it can make a huge difference.
    • Durable
    • Cost-effective
    • Practical
    • Available in different widths, styles and colors
    • Very popular
    • Adds value to your home

    Recommended Uses

    Based on experience, we recommend hardwood floors on the following areas of your home.
    • Bedroom Carpet
    • Dining Room Floor
    • Living Room Floor
    • Foyer Floor
    • Hallway Floor
    • Master Bedroom Carpet
    • Spare Room Flooring
    • Den Flooring

    We use the best brands period.

    We use the best brands period. When evaluating the different floor types for your home, it is important to factor in personal style, frequency of foot traffic, and functionality.

    Awards and Accreditations


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