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    Carpet in New Jersey, Staten Island, and Eastern Pennsylvania

    Carpet not only improves heat retention and sound absorption in rooms, but it also protects floors from scratches and damage. Adding carpet to a room can be a cost-effective solution to improving its look and comfort. Shoppers can find quality carpet options at SMART Carpet and Flooring.

    Customers who choose SMART Carpet and Flooring access a locally owned company with professional installation services. This ensures services are personalized and up to standards and that carpet installation goes as expected. Never pay store prices again with abundant carpet options for our New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, and eastern Pennsylvania service areas. Best of all, you can shop at home because our mobile showroom brings thousands of samples right to you.

    Types of Carpet Available

    Carpeting provides ample sound absorption and helps to keep heat in rooms. SMART Carpet and Flooring’s carpets are built with durability, featuring treatments to resist stains and prevent them from seeping into carpet fibers. They are cost-effective and comfortable to walk on. They also withstand regular wear and tear from families and pets.

    Customers can choose from a variety of carpet types at SMART Carpet and Flooring, including:


    Texture carpets are a traditional type of carpet made with different materials and techniques to add visual interest to a space. Because of the texture, this type of carpet offers improved traction and grip. This means little ones are less likely to slip and fall. This makes texture carpets ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.


    Twist carpets feature twisted-cut fiber construction to improve durability and longevity. The twisted configuration of the carpet fibers allows for more strength in high-traffic areas. This means twisted carpets can withstand regular wear from children and pets. Twist carpeting can be used in bedrooms and other rooms subject to more wear and tear.


    Loop carpets are made with yarn fibers that wrap underneath to form loops. This creates a nice overall texture. Because the yarn fibers wrap underneath, this carpet provides enhanced durability and does not hold patterns from footsteps or vacuuming. This type of carpet is great for high-traffic areas, like living rooms and hallways.


    Choosing a carpet with a pattern offers homeowners the chance to switch up their usual look and add a unique touch to any room. Patterned carpeting is a formal, elegant carpet option that brings creativity and personality to a space. Patterned carpets look great in dining rooms and on staircases.

    Outdoor Carpeting

    Complete your backyard deck or patio with SMART Carpet and Flooring’s outdoor carpeting. These carpets are designed specifically for use in enclosed patio areas. Our outdoor carpeting offers easy maintenance, as customers simply spray with a hose or vacuum to clean.

    Homeowners can benefit from carpet installation in any space in their home, like bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They can also consider installing carpets in basements, hallways, spare rooms, steps, and dens. SMART Carpet and Flooring provides carpets in a variety of patterns and multi-tones, as well as pet-friendly carpets. This means customers have abundant options when finding the right carpet for their home.


    Our carpets come with many advantages to be aware of, it can make a huge difference.
    • Comfortable to walk on
    • Density typically results in longer life
    • Warm and inviting
    • Durable
    • Elegant
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Versatile
    • Great Value
    • Cost-effective
    • Available in patterns and multi-tones

    Recommended Uses

    Based on experience, we recommend carpets on the following areas of your home.
    • Basement Floor
    • Bedroom Carpet
    • Living Room Floor
    • Dining Room Floor
    • Hallway Floor
    • Master Bedroom Carpet
    • Spare Room Flooring
    • Steps
    • Den Flooring

    Select From Quality Carpet Brands

    SMART Carpet and Flooring works with many quality carpet flooring brands and manufacturers to deliver durable, satisfactory carpeting in the communities it serves. Our vast selection of carpets makes it easy for homeowners to find something that fits their home and vision for their space. Browse through well-known brands like Mohawk, Shaw Floors, and SmartStrand by Mohawk.


    Awards and Accreditations at SMART Carpet and Flooring

    SMART Carpet and Flooring dedicates itself to the customer experience. By working with high-quality carpet brands, we provide customers with peace of mind that their carpets will last.

    We also pride ourselves on our transparent upfront pricing and free estimates, which help homeowners plan installation services and decide on their carpet installation. This has awarded us many awards and accreditations, including A+ Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau and 2023 Neighborhood Fave by Nextdoor.

    Awards and Accreditations

    Browse Our Selection of Carpets at SMART Carpet and Flooring

    SMART Carpet and Flooring is here to help customers find the right carpet style for their next home project. We serve homeowners across New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, and eastern Pennsylvania. Customers can shop at home and save through our mobile showroom. The mobile showroom brings thousands of flooring samples right to your home so you can visualize how carpets will look in any room. Our mobile showrooms are available during the evenings and on weekends, so customers can shop at their convenience.

    Never pay store prices again. To learn more about our carpet options, contact us today.


      By submitting this form, I provide my consent to be contacted via text message. I understand that I can revoke this consent at any time.

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