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Our Free Guarantee

Every carpet we carry comes with SMART Foam Premium Padding made with ULTRA_FRESH Antimicrobial treatment. All cut pile installed carpets come with the 6lb 7/16'' version, and berbers and commercial carpets come with a 8lb 5/16'' version or if you choose you can also have traditional felt padding. Many stores charge up to $5 per yard extra for these quality paddings. All padding is the padding recomended by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America.
You empty it, we will move it. FREE ! Most normal furniture moving is the greatest cause for customer anxiety when purchasing new carpet or flooring. Many stores charge as much as $50.00 per room additional for this service and sometimes more. SMART Carpet will gladly move most of your furniture for FREE, However it does not include pool tables, pianos, electronics or furniture requiring disassembly. A small fee for service is available.
Most stores charge as much as $15 per step additional for standard box steps. That could cost you as much as $195 additional for a typical flight. SMART Carpet standard box steps are FREE. Custom stair work however is additional.
Your SMART Carpet representative is a trained professional. We will measure the areas you are interested in doing and draw an accurate floor plan with a carpet or flooring layout so you can understand how it works. Some companies charge as much as $100 for this service and only agree to waive it if you buy from them. With SMART Carpet it is FREE!