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Wondering What to do with the Floor in Your Foyer? We can Help!

The foyer is an area of the home that many people are not quite sure what type of flooring to install. The foyer is typically a very active space that has constant foot traffic as well the opening and closing of the door. Oftentimes, this is the first part of your home that guests will see, so of course you want it to look its best! SMART Carpet and Flooring offers many options that are perfectly suited for foyers such as hardwood, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl planks, laminate,
hybrid vinyl flooring as well as tile.

Let a SMART Carpet and Flooring representative help you choose the foyer flooring you need in your home. Give us a call today in NJ, NY or PA for Foyer Flooring.


Selecting the Right Foyer Floor for Your Home.

When considering redoing the flooring in your foyer, you should think about it realistically. What is going to withstand that constant traffic and wear and tear that the foyer endures on a daily basis? You want a product that is both durable and easy to maintain since it is usually an area that requires a bit of cleaning and maintenance. With so many brands, types, styles and colors that SMART Carpet and Flooring offers, finding a floor for your foyer is a piece of cake!


We use the best brands period.

When evaluating the different kitchen floor types for your home, it is important to factor in personal style, frequency of foot traffic, and functionality.


Did a fine job & cleaned up well


You guy was great, very helpful and did a fine job & cleaned up well.

Arthur A

Neptune NJ , - 06/08/2022


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