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    Your home’s flooring is an important investment. It might even be as important as your roof. That’s because you walk all over your floor every single day. You look at it, step on it, spill things on it, and clean it off all the time. That’s why you need to find the best type of flooring for your home.


    Carpet is a classic type of flooring and is regaining in popularity. Durability, cleanability and Stain protection are important and critical components of our carpets. Advanced technologies have improved the performance of today’s carpets to compete head to head with the performance of alternative hard surfaces but still allowing you to enjoy the comfort and style that carpeting offers. The fibers themselves are protected to the deepest parts of the carpet, making their durability improve considerably. Carpet is still the most comfortable flooring to walk on. Carpet provides a great aesthetic, too, since it’s warm, inviting, and elegant. Carpet can be used in just about every room, even in outdoor patios, and has become cost-effective and resilient.


    Hardwood is what many switched to from carpet years ago. Hardwood is lovely and provides a different kind of warmth and comfort than carpet. Hardwood is also incredibly durable. But hardwood must be placed in the correct environment. Hardwood flooring has evolved as different species, widths and finishes have gained in popularity. The diversity of engineered hardwood flooring has also opened the door to many new applications as well.We now even offer waterproof wood flooring!

    Vinyl Plank, Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Sheet

    Here at SMART Carpet, we offer several different kinds of vinyl flooring. Vinyl’s biggest benefit is its durability and water resistant properties, which are unmatched by other types of flooring. Vinyl also doesn’t just come in a pure white sterile look. It can be customized just as much as carpet and hardwood, and hybrid vinyl can mimic the look of hardwood. Vinyl is incredibly cost-effective  and easy to maintain. While carpet and hardwood might be perfect for your home, vinyl flooring may be the best simply because of its cost-effective perks and durability that outmatch other flooring types.

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