Outdoor Carpet: It’s Far More Practical Than You Think

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    Whether you’re styling a brand-new patio or looking for a way to elevate your existing outdoor living space, an outdoor carpet may be the finishing touch you need. Designed for open-air applications, this type of carpet is the perfect addition to porches, patios, swimming pool decks, gazebos, and more.

    SMART Carpet and Flooring serves customers in New Jersey, Staten Island, and eastern Pennsylvania with high-quality flooring, including outdoor flooring options. Learn more about outdoor carpets and how they can bring extra ease and enjoyment to outdoor living.

    What Is Outdoor Carpet?

    What is an outdoor carpet? Though you may assume outdoor and indoor carpets are the same, this is not the case. Most indoor carpets can’t be used outside. Their construction is not meant for weather exposure and will break down quickly in outdoor conditions. Some simply fade or unravel. Others absorb rainwater and become breeding grounds for mold. Either way, the carpet won’t last long.

    Outdoor carpet is specifically designed to be used in outdoor living spaces. It feels just as soft as the rugs inside your house but is constructed using tough materials that can withstand the weather. Most outdoor carpet is made of synthetic fibers or plant fibers like jute, seagrass, or hemp. These materials are tested for durability and will stay beautiful through years of use.

    Outdoor Carpet Offers Softness and Warmth

    Outdoor living spaces typically feature hard flooring such as stone, brick, concrete, or wood. While these surfaces offer durability and a classy look, they may feel rough or unforgiving underfoot. They also hold onto heat, making them scorching hot during summer and unpleasantly cold during the spring and fall. This limits how often you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor space.

    The simple addition of carpet can transform your porch or patio into a cozy living space all season long. It protects against hot concrete or stone and provides warmth in chilly weather. It softens the floor, creating a cushioned feel that your feet will love. Outdoor living will be more pleasant for everyone.

    Outdoor Carpet and Safety

    Outdoor carpet also improves safety. Not only are patio floors cold and coarse, but these hard surfaces may be dangerous to little kids, who risk bruising when they fall. Hard floors can also get slick, especially when wet. Even adults can get hurt if they slip on wet decking around the poolside or after heavy rainfall.

    A soft outdoor carpet will cushion those falls. This will make your space safer for small children who can take a tumble without falling onto hard stone or concrete. It also creates a grippy surface that helps prevent slips, even when wet. Your living space will be safer for all ages, and you can enjoy peace of mind that friends and loved ones will have fun without the risk of injury.

    A Sophisticated Look

    Not only is outdoor carpet soft and safe but it’s also stylish. The right floor treatment will make your family room or dining room look more complete. Adding a carpet can create a more polished finish for living spaces outdoors. Here are just a few ways you can improve the appearance of your home with outdoor carpet:

    • Provide a visual anchor for your patio furniture.
    • Create a distinct space that stands out from the rest of your deck.
    • Tie decorative features together with a unifying element.
    • Elevate your style with unique colors and patterns.

    Modern outdoor carpet comes in hundreds of textures, colors, and prints. At SMART Carpet and Flooring, our mobile flooring showrooms take samples to you, letting you view them in your outdoor space. This makes it easy to compare color matches and select the product that will look best.

    Easy Maintenance

    Many people assume adding a carpet to their outdoor living space will only create an extra chore. The opposite is often true. Outdoor carpets may reduce maintenance requirements overall.

    Outdoor rugs are stain-resistant and designed for easy cleaning. A quick sweep or vacuum can get rid of crumbs or tree debris, and many carpets are designed to disguise dirt so you can go longer between cleanings. Some are even waterproof, letting you wash away spills with a spray from the hose.

    Additionally, outdoor rugs act as a protective layer on your porch or patio. This can prevent fading, drying, and splinters – reducing the need for frequent treatments or refinishing.

    Browse Outdoor Carpets at SMART Carpet and Flooring

    If you think that an outdoor carpet can complete your outdoor living space, start shopping today at SMART Carpet and Flooring. Our direct-from-mill model lets customers shop at home and save. We serve customers throughout New Jersey, Staten Island, and eastern Pennsylvania. To find out more or to schedule a free estimate, contact us or call 1-800-526-7847.


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