Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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    Flooring is an investment that does not come around often. At its regular rate of installation, flooring can last around 20 years or more. That’s probably only once or twice you will ever install it in your house. But that’s why it’s as important as your roof to invest properly into great flooring. After all, you will be spending thousands of days looking at and walking over it. 

    Enter Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    That’s where luxury vinyl flooring comes in. Vinyl as a material has a lot of durability and water-resistant qualities. Luxury vinyl flooring takes those innate qualities of the material and propels them forward.

    That’s because luxury vinyl flooring comes in two different forms that maintain the strong strength of vinyl. You could get planks or square, tile pieces. Both kinds have a top layer that’s transparent and is built to fight against wear and tear. It protects the underlying vinyl from the usual: scratches, scuffs, dents, spills, and more. In fact, spills sit at the top layer and won’t infiltrate down due to this wear layer, which makes luxury vinyl flooring easy to clean.

    As mentioned, vinyl is a material with water-resistant properties, that’s why you’ll notice it on decks and porches in places nearby oceans, bays, rivers, and other water bodies. Luxury vinyl flooring will therefore resist water, and be able to be submerged without irreparable damage like other natural flooring options. Vinyl flooring is also resistant to curling, rippling, and peeling. Which means that you will need fewer replacements and repairs.

    Recommended Products: 

    Some Luxury Vinyl Plank Products we would recommend are: Shaw’s Floorte Collection and Coretec as they are affordable and provide the leading, popular colors in this region. In addition, we recommend Mohawk’s Founder’s Trace Collection as it comes with higher grade of protection alongside its painted bevels to give it a much more realistic visual that will be sure to impress SMART Customers at first glance!

    Additional Benefits

    People in the past may have chosen to skip out on vinyl flooring because it didn’t look as realistic as wood does. That’s where luxury vinyl flooring has changed to match wood, stone, and tile patterns with more accuracy. Vinyl can now be embossed and micro beveled to provide visual depth and textured looks. As you have noticed, too, luxury vinyl flooring is low-maintenance. Simply sweep and mop regularly and you won’t have any major issues, even if disaster strikes. And if it does, luxury vinyl flooring is easy to repair and install, making it much less expensive than other options. So if you’re interested in bringing the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring into your home, please call us at 1-800-526-7847!


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