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Bathroom Flooring

With so many different styles of bathrooms, having a floor to match yours is a must! Since the bathroom is a room used on a daily basis, you should love the flooring that you have. Popular types of flooring for bathrooms include sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank, hybrid vinyl flooring and tile. You want a product that is somewhat resistant to water and moisture and will withstand those elements for years to come. The colors and patterns are endless and we’re certain we will find a product you will love!
When searching for the bathroom floor that is right for your home, consider how often you use that particular bathroom. It is a master bathroom that gets used on a daily basis or is it a guest bathroom that is only used when you are having company over? SMART Carpet and Flooring will be able to help you choose a product based on your specific needs and we look forward to doing so!