Why Laminate Flooring is Perfect for Your Home

Laminate flooring is made of several layers that are fused together through a lamination process. The top layer is a clear, hard-plastic wear layer that protects the floor from scratches and fading. Below it is a high-resolution photograph of real wood or stone, giving it a realistic appearance. The core layer is made of fiberboard […]

Flooring for Commercial Use: Considerations to Keep in Mind

The right type of flooring is essential for commercial use as it can significantly impact the overall image and functionality of a business. The durability, maintenance, cost, and specific areas where the flooring will be installed are all important factors to consider when choosing commercial flooring. The best commercial flooring can enhance the overall image […]

From Concrete to Cozy: Transform Your Basement with the Right Flooring

When choosing flooring for your basement, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure you make the best decision for your space. Basements can present unique challenges such as moisture, temperature shifts, and potential flooding, so it’s essential to select a flooring option that can withstand these conditions. Additionally, you’ll want to think […]

Vinyl Flooring for Every Room: A Breakdown of the Best Options

Vinyl flooring is a versatile and popular option for homeowners and businesses alike. This type of flooring is made from synthetic materials such as PVC, which gives it durability and resistance to moisture, making it ideal for areas with high foot traffic or potential water exposure. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of designs, from […]

The Best Carpet Type for High Traffic Areas

You might think that all carpets are the same. It is true that most modern carpets are designed to handle more wear and tear than older carpets. However, if you have high-traffic areas, you still want to select a carpet that can take plenty of wear and tear. You also want to ensure it can […]

How to Choose Environmentally Friendly Flooring

There are many things to consider when choosing a new floor. How will it look? How long will it last? How much will it cost? While these questions are all important, there is another one you should ask: is this flooring environmentally friendly? There are five things to consider when looking at whether flooring is […]

Wood Flooring Alternatives for Your Basement

Are you finishing your basement floor? You may think that wood flooring is out of the question. After all, basements tend to have more moisture than other areas. Since moisture and wood are not a great match, you may dismiss the idea of basement wood flooring. So, in this blog, we will explore wood flooring […]

Disadvantages of Floor Tiles and Possible Alternatives

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, floor tiles are often a popular choice due to their durability and versatility. However, it’s crucial to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of floor tiles to make an informed decision. We will explore the disadvantages of floor tiles and discuss possible alternative flooring […]

SMART Carpet & Flooring Honored as “NextDoor Neighborhood Favorites 2023”

Wall Township, September 2023 — SMART Carpet & Flooring, a leading provider of flooring solutions in Wall Township, NJ, is thrilled to announce its recent recognition as a “NextDoor Neighborhood Favorite” for 2023. This prestigious award, presented by Nextdoor, a popular neighborhood networking platform, is a testament to the unwavering support and appreciation SMART Carpet […]

Luxury Bathroom Tile Options to Elevate Your NJ Home

When designing your dream bathroom, the choices can seem endless. But bathroom tile options in NJ truly stand out to make a statement. The right tiles can elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your space. Why Bathroom Tiles Matter in NJ Selecting the appropriate tiles is crucial, especially in regions like NJ. Weather and humidity […]


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